Saturday, November 29, 2008

Continued 2

This is where the last post, (continued 1), ended.
A critical area has been prepared and is ready
for bonding with 3m 08115 Panel Bond.

The panel bond has been allowed to cure, about 4hrs, and
the original break has now been prepared to be bonded.

The bumper cover can now support itself, the bubble in the level is centered.

The outside is done except for a few small areas. It feels like one secure piece.

Now it is time to reinforce the inside.

Strips of SEM 7006 reinforcement tape has been cut and fit.

Close up of tape in place on prepared surface.
Note the coarse sanding and the open pores in the plastic.
This is necessary for maximum adhesion.

Put down plenty of 8115, and work it into the seem before
laying down the reinforcement tape.

More after it is cured!

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